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Conceived as a place for the transmission of knowledge, the Memorial aspires in particular to provide opportunities for connection with the younger generations. Through a partnership with the Ministry of National Education, we offer an education team which provides guided tours and thematic workshops tailored to the needs of various school settings.

The Memorial reveals this region’s historical dedication both to welcoming and sheltering those in need and to resisting the occupation. The Memorial as a whole seeks to highlight the theme of “the righteous,” presenting the events of World War II from a different angle.

Prior to a school visit to the Memorial, the education team provides preparation tools to the teachers including a bibliography, classroom activities, and so on.

The tour is suitable for different grades, depending on the school programmes. The team prioritises an active pedagogy wherein the students are the subjects of their own discovery by searching for the information themselves.

The tour of the permanent exhibit can be undertaken as a school workshop. This allows the students to delve into a precise theme, culminating in time for exchange, debate, and/or creative activity.

Life back then is conceived as an introduction to the museum.


This guided tour permits the discovery of life back then and vacations in the countryside. It is supplemented by colouring drawings from a movie shown during the tour. Approximately 45 minutes.

Tour with a visitor’s handbook: The tour allows students to discover the history of the plateau presented within the larger context of World War II.


The school workshop Daily Life During the War: This group workshop based on archival documents invites students to follow the path of Peter, a Jewish child refugee sheltered in the Chambon-sur-Lignon. The workshop ends with a discussion of Peter’s life and the importance of remembering the story of him and others like him today (“never again”).

Interactive visit of the permanent exhibit.

School Workshop ResistanceS: In pairs, the students explore the biographies of various figures of the resistance from the plateau and discover their different expressions of resistance. A subsequent time of discussion will focus on defining what it means “to resist.” The workshop ends with a study of literary expression in poems written by resistors.

Interactive visit of the permanent exhibit.

School Workshop The Actions of “the Righteous” and their Remembrance Today: Starting with the study of various documents, the students seek to define what is meant by the term “Righteous among nations” and ponder the evolution of the meaning of this term since the end of the World War II.

The education team is at your disposal to accommodate any requests relating to existing student programs or the realisation of customised programs. In dialogue with you, we can create a program or exhibit focused on a precise theme. Furthermore, we can support you in your participation in endeavours such as the National Competition on the Resistance and Deportation (CNRD).

Catalog of our educational activities:

Practical informations and documents preparing for the visit

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