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In order to respond to requests from the public who came in large numbers to discover the history of the plateau during World War II, the commune of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon wished to create a space both as a memorial of those who perished and as a centre of historical education.

To respect the territory and its history, we chose to renovate the former cross-country ski resting point as well as an unoccupied section of the nearby primary school. Adjacent to the local school and facing the temple, the Memorial is well-situated in a historical and symbolic location within the heart of the village.

With the aim to link the two buildings, architect David Fargette envisioned a glass solarium which invited natural light into the space while assuring high visibility of the Memorial within the village centre.

The arrangement of exhibits was created by l’Atelier des Charrons. It allows visitors to interact with different mediums such as films, informational panels, touch screens, slideshows, and so on. As such, the exhibits address the heterogenous needs of a varied public.

To conceive the exhibition path, the Commune called together a Scientific Committee composed of specialists. Furthermore, the Commune worked closely with various experts, historians, and local associations. The research conducted for the museography led to the constitution of a largely unprecedented documentary base of information.

From 2010 to 2013, it took three years of work before the Memorial could welcome the public. This time was used to obtain funding, conduct historical research, conceptualise the Memorial’s architecture and scenography, build the Memorial itself, and so on.

photos : J.M Demars

photos : Annick et Laurent Mandon

The Memorial was realized with the support of:


European Union images

The Memorial  is co-fianced by the European Union

Europe commits in the region with the ERDF


The French State

Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs – Departement of Memory, Heritage and Archives

Ministry of National EducationETAT

Ministry of Culture and Communication

The parliamentary reserve of the electoral district’s MP


Regional Council of AuvergneColl

Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes

Departemental Council of Haute-Loire

Municipality of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon


Foundation for the Memory of the Holocaust

Association for the Memory of Hidden Children and the Righteous


CARAC Foundation

Mutualist France

Goutal, Alibert and Associates, lawyers

Casino Foundation

GTM Buildings and Civil Engineering Lyon

The museography was carried out with the help of:

National Audiovisual Institute

Holocaust Mémorial – Paris

Chambon Foundation, Pierre Sauvage – Los Angeles

Yad Vashem Institute – Jerusalem

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – Washington

August Bohny Collection, Archives für Zeitgeschichte – Zurich

Archive of La Cimade, Library of Contemporary Documentation – Nanterre

Society of the History of French Protestantism – Paris

Archives of the French Communist Party

Center for the History of Resistance and Deportation – Lyon

Izieu House – Memorial of Exterminated Jewish Children

Memorial of the Resistance and the Deportation – Saint–Étienne

Departemental Archives of Haute-Loire

And many private collections