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North of the Memorial’s buildings, the Memorial Garden was built on a communal piece of land of around 800 m2 which allowed for visitors to enjoy the outside while still remaining within the Memorial’s premises.

The garden can be accessed through the extension of the glass solarium. It is conceived as a place where visitors can compose themselves during or after their tour of the Memorial. The garden, realised by the French landscape artist Louis Benech, contains an orchard complementing the adjacent vegetable gardens. Louis Benech has conceived more than 300 parks and gardens in the world.

A publicly-procured sculpture realised by Paul-Armand Gette is located on the second terrace.

This space, which remains a work in progress, was offered to the commune by a benefactor in remembrance for the refuge found by his mother and uncle as children during the war.

The Memorial Garden is open to the public for free and operates during the museum opening hours

Louis Benech: