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The museography relies on various archival documents and photographic evidence preserved in institutions located within the French territory and abroad. Individual witnesses of this time period and their families have also lent or given documents to the Memorial to enrich the exhibit.


Notably, the commune received iconographic legacy documents offered by the descendants of Roger Darcissac, director of the primary school of the Chambon-sur-Lignon who played a crucial role during the war. He passionate about photography and films, and a part of his archives was preserved and digitised. Amongst these documents are various silent films created between 1940 and 1945.


The commune also received from the Malécot family the gift of stamps and false identification documents issued via the network of escape routes organised by Mireille Philip.


The permanent exhibit was realised through close collaboration with numerous institutions and museums, including the following: The archives of la Cimade, the archives of the French Communist Party, the Holocaust (Shoah) Memorial in Paris, the Society for the History of French Protestantism, the Library of International Contemporary Documentation in Paris, the archives of the Haute-Loire département, the Centre for the History of Resistance and Deportation in Lyon, the museum of the Resistance in Limoges, the archival centre of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, the collection of the Fondation-Chambon, the Auguste Bohny funds in the Zurich Archives, and the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

photo Darcissac collection